Development (Northumberland Minor Hockey)

Player Development & Coach Mentor - Cobourg Cougars Jr Academy

JR_Academy_Puck_It.jpegIn 2022, PUCK—IT launched a new initiative called the Cobourg Cougars Jr Academy Development Program, originally based in Cobourg, Ontario.  The program is composed of numerous specialty sourced developers, ranging from mechanics specific instruction to game play and technical operations.  The Academy looks to change the linear direction of singular  development and open it up to new multi-tiered structures.  Unlike other competitive development teams, the success of  The Academy is not gauged on wins and losses. Instead, the focus is on the development of skills and acquiring growth within the association from Coach to player to parent support levels.   


 Our goal as a development group is to communicate with all Coaches, players and parents to allow them insight and progressional assistance in the development pathway.

Goalie Development - LAUNY SCHWARTZ

For almost 20 years, Launy has been training goalies of all ages, and skill levels. From house league, rep hockey, junior, college, and the NHL, he considers it a privilege to be on the ice teaching students and sharing his knowledge and passion about goaltending.

"When it comes to goalie coaching in South Eastern Ontario, arenas across Canada and beyond, Stop The Puck Goaltending is excited to work with you.

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Saves?"

- Coach Launy