Police Vulnerable Sector Check (Northumberland Minor Hockey)

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Vulnerable Sector Check Policy

Northumberland Minor Hockey Association accepts that it has a significant responsibility to protect its vulnerable members.

The below policy is in accordance with the OMHA and OHF rules and regulations governing volunteer screening.
For all Executive Board members, convenors, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, assistant trainers, managers and on ice volunteers (18 years and older) with NMHA, a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) is mandatory.


The process for the Vulnerable Sector Checks will now be centralized and conducted by the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) for all Team Officials and Team Personnel for the 2024-25 season.

Eligibility to be Rostered:

It is imperative for all Team Officials to ensure their Vulnerable Sector Check is complete to be eligible to programs on and off the ice. This includes a valid Vulnerable Sector Check and the OHF Screening Declaration Form.

Before entering the OHF Screening Submission Portal, please ensure you are ready with the necessary documentation.
You will need your:

·       Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) Number; AND

·       Vulnerable Sector Check (PDF) AND OHF Screening Declaration Form (PDF); OR

·       Receipt of Vulnerable Sector Check (PDF) AND OHF Screening Declaration Form(PDF);

Please Note:

1.     All documents must be in PDF format to be accepted.

2.     For the 2024-25 season, the OHF will be accepting copies of a Vulnerable Sector Check from
  2022-23 or 2023-24 AND OHF Screening Declaration Form (PDF).


Full screening process details are available at https://ohf.on.ca/risk-management/ohf-vulnerable- sector-checks/

NMHA - Vulnerable Sector Check

As a condition of being accepted as a volunteer with the Northumberland Minor Hockey Association, applicants will be required to obtain a Police Vulnerable Sector Check.

This letter is available for download here. Vulnerable Sector Check Letter

Vulnerable Sector Check letters are to be dated within four months of September 1st of the current season to be accepted and will be valid for a period of three years, expiring May 1st of the third year as per Hockey Canada regulations.

All volunteers are required to apply for their own PVSC. 
Applicants must apply with the police service where they reside.

Port Hope Police - PVSC


Cobourg Police - PVSC

Each applicant will then receive an electronic response form (pdf file) from the police department. The pdf file must be submitted to OHF in order for the process to be complete and for the applicant to be approved.

As per OMHA regulations, a police check is valid for period of three years.
For each year after the police check a declaration form is required.

The PVSC Declaration can be requested from Risk Management.

Year 1 - Valid PVSC
Year 2 - Declaration
Year 3 - Declaration
Year 4 - New PVSC required 

Individuals with outstanding Criminal Code convictions, five years or more recent, or charges pending for certain offences, will not be accepted for one of the above listed positions.

These offences include, but are not limited to the following:
Five years or more recent:
• Assault
• Threatening
• Possession of a Substance as defined in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (C.D.S.A.)
• Impaired Driving (while Driver’s Licence is suspended)
• Theft, Fraud and Related Offence (while in a Position of Financial Trust)

Individuals with outstanding Criminal Code convictions or charges pending for the following offences will not be considered for one of the above listed positions.
• Assault with a Weapon • Assault Causing Bodily Harm • Aggravated Assault • Sexual Assault • Sexual Exploitation • Sexual Interference • Invitation to Sexual Touching • Child Pornography • Luring a Child • Voyeurism • Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking • Production of a Substance (as defined in the C.D.S.A.) • Robbery • Use of a Firearm in the Commission of an Offence • Firearm Related Offences (with the exception of Unsafe Storage)

Applicants may be rejected as a result of other information gained during the police vulnerable sector check process or through the screening process as a whole, or as a consequence of other factors. If this happens, the applicant has the right to know why he/she is being refused, and may appeal to the Executive in writing for a review of their record.