Player (Northumberland Minor Hockey)


Player Code of Conduct

Respect the Rules. Respect the Opponents. Respect the Officials and their decisions. Maintain your self-control at all times.

  • I will play hockey because I want to.
  • I will play by the rules of hockey and in the spirit of the Game.
  • I will participate in every game and practice unless I am sick or injured. If I must miss a game or practice, I will notify
    my coach or manager as soon as possible.
  • I will control my temper — fighting or mouthing-off is not acceptable conduct. I will refrain from using profane, racist,
    or sexist language while engaged in any NMHA functions. Abusive or foul language directed towards teammates,
    coaches, parents, opponents, or referees will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.
  • I will respect my opponents.
  • I will do my best to be a true team player. I will not be critical of teammates and never discuss teammate's abilities
    except to encourage good team play.
  • I will not use alcohol or drugs (excepting Doctor prescribed medications). I will not gamble, and I will not use tobacco
  • I will remember that winning is not everything but striving to win is part of doing my best and that having fun,
    improving my skills, and making new friends are also important.
  • I will acknowledge all good plays and performances — those of my team as well as my opponents.
  • I will remember that coaches and officials are there to help me. I will accept their decisions and show them respect.
  • I will abide by the Team Dress Code as specified by the coach and I will dress appropriately on all road trips as well
    as before and after all home games. School will take precedence over hockey. I will maintain satisfactory work habits
    and effort at school.
  • I will abide by the cell phone policy specified by NMHA.
  • I will abide by the timelines set out by the coach for arriving at the arena for practices, games and being ready to
  • I will share the success of a goal with my line mates first. When scored upon, I will support my goalie and commit to
    working harder to help them.
  • I will be responsible for my own equipment and will make sure it is complete, safe and in good working condition and
  • I will have my own water bottle for all games and practices.
  • I will not participate in or condone any 'hazing' or 'initiation' activities as I will be immediately suspended from my team as these actions must be reported to the NMHA for further disciplinary action.
  • I will remember that I am representing my team and the Northumberland Minor Hockey Association.
  • I will always behave properly at the arena, in public places and especially 'on the road'.