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Nighthawk Teams
For the 2024- 2025 hockey season, Northumberland Minor Hockey will field "AA" and "A" teams in the Lakeshore League. Age groups are as follows;

Under OMHA regulation 5.1, a AA centre must field a AA REP team at both major and minor before an A team can entered.

While it is the expectation of the NMHA to offer A teams at every age group, OMHA regulation 2.3 d) Northumberland is required to enter a "major" team before a "minor" team can be entered.
REP Fees
Each REP team is responsible for paying a "team fee" to the organization.  This fee covers the additional ice used by the team.  U9 teams should receive approximately 3 ice slots per week (1-hr practices) for the season, the Team Fee for U8 MD & U9MD; $10,600. U10  to U18 teams should receive approximately 3 ice slots per week (1.5-hr practices) for the season, the Team Fee for these teams; $18,000

"Team" expenses such as tournament fees, team photos, trainer supplies etc, additional practice ice, etc are part of the team's operating budget.  The total expenses for the team are divided by the number of players on the team to calculate a cost per player. Unused funds left over at the end of the season must be returned to the parents.  Each team Manager is responsible to create a team budget.  

The budget must be approved by the NMHA Treasurer and presented to the parents at a Parent/Coach meeting shortly after the team is formed. The parents must then approve the budget.

Below is a list of expenses that are mandatory to the team. One way to off-set fees is fund-raising activities, which is a team decision but must be pre-approved by the Executive by contacting the Director of Administration.  Teams should discuss fundraising at their Parent/Coach meeting.

Teams are permitted to set-up a monthly payment program for it's parents that can span from May to September.  Parents should anticipate that teams will require an initial payment to cover team tournaments.  Away tournaments are typically booked by the coach following tryouts.

NMHA Team fees are due to the Association by the following dates.
50% due on/before Nov 1, 50% due on/before December 1.

 (For a sample budget - Click Here)  NMHA_Rep_Team_Sample_Budget

Mandatory Items   U9MD   U10 to U18 
*All figures approximate,
may not include hst
Team Fee (ice, refs)   *$10,600   *$18,000
       Per Player (17)  
Other expenses         (strictly a sample)
Bank Fees         
Trainer Supplies        
Exhibition Game Refs.        
Additional Practice Ice      
Team Photos        
Team Apparel        
Year-end Banquet        

Individual expenses will include home/away jerseys, socks, team jacket and hockey bag which can all be purchased at Trudy's Source for Sports in Cobourg.  To ensure delivery for August 1st, the player must be fitted at their store before June 1st.  

Required Items (New Rep Players)        
Home / Away Jerseys (with *name bars)        
Home / Away Socks        
Nighthawks Hockey Bag        
Helmet Sticker & Player Number        

Dress Attire (NMHA_Dress_Code_Policy)        
Nighthawks Team Jacket        
Black Dress Pants        
Dress Shirt & Tie        
Black Dress Shoes        

Name bars will cost 3.50 for each patch (home & away = $7 per player) plus $1.50 per letter (x2) - HST not included
2024/25 Tryouts  AA  & A Tryouts will commence following AAA tryouts
FALL 2024
AA tryouts (U18) - dates are TBD
Pre-Tryout Skates-TBD
AA Tryouts -TBD
A Tryouts -TBD


In order to participate in any tryout, you will need to;
1.  Register with NMHA.  This can be done online.
2.  Purchase a Tryout Passport.  This will cover all of your tryouts regardless if your child makes AA or A.
Each AA and A team may enter up to (3) tournaments for the season. 

Should a team win a Silver Stick Regional, the team is permitted to enter the International Silver Stick Final as a 4th tournament.