House League Information (Northumberland Minor Hockey)

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Championship Day 2023-2024
Start of House League Evaluations: Sept 19

Championship Wrap-Up day: TBD

Championship Day is our wrap-up for the House League season.Teams will play one game to decide the "A", "B" or "C" champion in each House League division.  This season, Championship Day for the 2024/2025 season is TBD with games being played in Cobourg and Port Hope.  
House League Convenor Contacts:
House League Convenors

Under 5 (U5)
  [email protected]  
Under 7 (U7)
  [email protected]  
Under 8/9 (U8/U9)
  [email protected]  
Under 11 (U11)     [email protected]  
Under 13 (U13)     [email protected]  
Under 15 (U15)     [email protected]  
Under 21 (U21)     [email protected]  
VP House League  Lisa Lafreniere  
Select Coordinator  
House League Schedule for 2024/2025 (still to be updated and finalized)

Below is the "tentative" schedule for House League in 2024/2025.  
Please note:  subject to change based on final registration numbers

Division        Birth Year
Under 5 2020 Saturday Sunday   Notes
    Mornings Mornings   All practices
Under 7 2019-18 Saturday Sunday    
    9, 10 & 11am 9, 10, & 11am    All practices
Under 8
2017 Saturday 12 & 1pm Sunday - 12 & 1pm   All practices

Under 9 

Tuesday Saturday    
    5pm (all teams) 10am & 2pm   Games on Tuesdays, practices on Saturdays 
Under 11 2014-15 Tuesday Saturday    
    6pm (all teams) 11am & 12pm   Games on Tuesdays, practices on Saturdays
Under 13  2012-13 Tuesday Saturday    
    7pm (all teams) 3 & 4 pm    Games on Tuesdays, practices on Saturdays
Under 15   2011-10 Tuesday Sunday    
    8pm (all teams)  5 & 6 pm   Games on Tuesdays, practices on Sundays 
Under 21 2009-04 Tuesday Sunday    
     9 & 10pm   9 & 10pm   Games on Tuesdays and Sundays 
2022/2023 Black Out Dates

Below is a list of dates when House League will be reduced or will not run.

Black-out Dates:    
Oct 31*   No House League due to Halloween
 Nov 26 & Dec 3*   No House League due to Silver Stick Tournament
Dec 24 - Jan 1*   No House League due to Christmas Break
March Break*    March 9-17, 2024*
    * above subject to change