Atom, Divisions, Shane O'Brien House League Tournament (Northumberland Minor Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, February 14, 2020
AP11712:30 PMBowl Brockville JR Braves7-2Northumberland Metcalfe
AP11812:45 PMPond Northumberland Nickle2-3Clarington Thunder
AP2191:30 PMBowl Clarington Golden Knights5-4Northumberalnd Appleman
AP2201:45 PMPond Renfrew Barker's7-2Grafton
AP3212:30 PMBowl Kingston Our Lady of Lourdes Knights7-4Northumberland Filman
AP3222:45 PMPond Baltimore Ice Dogs0-5Leitrim Hawks Atom A1
AP1235:30 PMBowl Northumberland Nickle3-5Northumberland Metcalfe
AP1245:45 PMPond Clarington Thunder2-7Brockville JR Braves
AP2256:30 PMBowl Renfrew Barker's8-3Northumberalnd Appleman
AP2266:45 PMPond Grafton 1-5Clarington Golden Knights
AP3277:30 PMBowl Baltimore Ice Dogs3-2Northumberland Filman
AP3287:45 PMPond Leitrim Hawks Atom A15-0Kingston Our Lady of Lourdes Knights
Saturday, February 15, 2020
AP1299:00 AMBowl Clarington Thunder3-8Northumberland Metcalfe
AP1309:15 AMPond Brockville JR Braves5-0Northumberland Nickle
AP33110:00 AMJB Leitrim Hawks Atom A15-0Northumberland Filman
AP23210:00 AMBowl Grafton 4-9Northumberalnd Appleman
AP23310:15 AMPond Renfrew Barker's4-0Clarington Golden Knights
AP33411:00 AMJB Baltimore Ice Dogs3-4Kingston Our Lady of Lourdes Knights
ASF1353:00 PMBowl Northumberland Metcalfe0-14Leitrim Hawks Atom A1
ASF2363:15 PMPond Renfrew Barker's3-5Brockville JR Braves
AAF377:00 PMBowl Brockville JR Braves1-6Leitrim Hawks Atom A1
ABF387:15 PMPond Northumberland Metcalfe1-8Renfrew Barker's
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Bowl - CCC-Bowl, 750 D'Arcy St, Cobourg, On. Phone: 905-372-7371
  • Pond - CCC-Pond, 750 D'Arcy Street, Coboourg, On. Phone: 905-372-7371
  • JB - Jack Burger, 60 Highland Dr, Port Hope, On. Phone: 905-885-2474

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